Media Coverage of the Science behind DeepWave Technologies

From (2015): 

Using Sound to Enhance Deep Sleep, Memory  


From Amazon Bestseller B. King "Augmented":

The quality of SWS decreases dramatically with age and this leads to significant age-related cognitive impairment.” Dr Santostasi and his colleagues have developed a system that utilises acoustic stimulation of the brain to increase the duration and intensity of slow wave activity (SWA) so as to stabilise and increase the quality of sleep. It does this by synchronising the electrical activity of the brain regions responsible for facilitating SWA during SWS. “The new quantified self system utilises feedback algorithms that measure the duration and intensity of SWS as it is naturally occurring in the user’s brain and modifies the amount with which SWA is enhanced in proportion to how much it is lacking, which is much more effective than increasing the duration and intensity of SWA by some unchanging baseline degree. This allows the system to adapt in accordance with the degree with which a user’s SWS is impaired.” Soon, you’ll be able to put on headphones to go to sleep and enter an SWS state that will improve your brain, ability to learn, memory and ability to get to and/ or maintain a healthy weight. By using this method, you may also need less sleep each night. Imagine what you could do with 2 or 3 hours of wake up in better shape than you do today?

King, Brett; Lark, Andy; Lightman, Alex; Rangaswami, JP. Augmented: Life in The Smart Lane (Kindle Location 2394). Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd. 

 As featured in Brett King "Augmented" book.    

As featured in Brett King "Augmented" book.