DeepWave Technologies Presents at Precision Medicine World Conference 2018

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Thursday, February 1, 2018, San Diego, California: Deep Wave Technologies Chief Science Officer Giovanni Santostasi, PhD, gave a presentation on the latest developments underway at Deep Wave Technologies laboratories at the Precision Medicine World Conference on January 23, 2018.

Deep Wave Technologies is an neurotechnology start-up funded via government grants and a cooperative agreement with DARPA, focused on enhancing memory and cognition by enhancing the process of Slow Wave Sleep (SWS), or “deep sleep.” It’s underlying technology has been covered in top scientific journals along with high-profile media including Time Magazine, The Wallstreet Journal, Smithsonian Magazine, Daily Mail, International Business Times, CBC, CBS, FOX News, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Metro, Express, Medical News Today, and many more. DeepWave’s core technology has been the subject of several published scientific papers on the company’s core technology in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Neuron, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Sleep and Sleep Medicine.

The state of sleep known as Slow Wave Sleep is driven by specific types of brain waves called Slow Waves (SW). Its main function is memory consolidation (transfer of memory from short term to long term storage, and individuals who learn a task and perform a memory test immediately before sleep and immediately upon waking score higher in the morning due to the memory-strengthening effect of SWS. The device uses an EEG system that synchronizes with the user's own brainwaves and uses precisely-timed pulses of a pink noise to increase the amplitude of SWA using sound alone. Dr. Giovanni Santostasi and his colleagues have tested this proprietary algorithm on individuals using laboratory-grade EEGs, showing a 300% increase in the memory-strengthening effects of a natural night of sleep (i.e. demonstrating an increase % increase in memory test scores 4x the % increase in memory test scores due to natural sleep alone)

His presentation focused on the vast implications that Slow Wave Sleep has on memory, learning, cognition, and cardiometabolic health, and went on to describe the newest developments occurring at DeepWave Technologies, including ongoing prototype development and planned future R&D activities.

“DeepWave was pleased to present at the Precision Medicine World Conference 2018 alongside such companies as Calico, 23andMe, IBM Health, Elysium, Microsoft, HP, Stanford Healthcare and many more. I presented on the latest developments underway at DeepWave Technologies, including ongoing prototype development and our newest R&D activities. The conference was an excellent opportunity to network with potential partners and investors, and participants came away with a much-expanded view on the exciting developments and convergences occuring in the field of precision medicine” said Giovanni Santostasi, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of DeepWave Technologies.

DeepWave was one of the most well-received presenters in their track (AI and DataScience Showcase), in particular because it was the only presenter focusing on the application of AI and precision medicine for SleepTech, an emerging sector within the broader neurotechnology industry, and one that holds great promise to become one of the largest sectors within the industry due to the deep ties between sleep and many aspects of health and wellness, including cardiometabolic health, cognitive performance, mood, memory, and aging.

DeepWave made several valuable connections and formed strategic partnerships while at PMWC 2018. Notable among them is their partnership with Eterly, a precision health mobile app empowered by machine learning and focused on healthy longevity, involving integrated customer offerings, joint software and mobile app development and coordination of joint R&D activities, as well as the Comite Center for Precision Medicine, one of the leading precision and preventive medicine clinics in New York employing cutting edge SleepTech, involving the use of DeepWave’s commercial device at Comite clinics.

About DeepWave Technologies

DeepWave Technologies developed through years of neuroscience research by top scientists in the field. These technologies form the core of a non-pharmacological, non-invasive approach to enhancing slow-wave sleep (SWS) and its therapeutic benefits. By improving sleep quality, DeepWave's solution dramatically boosts memory and learning, increases focus and reduces stress. Research also shows that sounder sleep can significantly reduce the risk for stroke, depression, heart attack, hypertension, obesity and diabetes. Basically, when you sleep better, you think smarter and live healthier.