DeepWave Technologies and Eterly form Strategic Partnership to Bring Personalized Wellness to the Public

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Thursday, Feburary 1, 2018, Vancouver, Canada:

After both companies presented at the Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) in San Francisco last week, the data-science driven neurotechnology company DeepWave Technologies and longevity-focused health and fitness mobile app Eterly have cemented their burgeoning relationship through the formation of a strategic partnership to synergistically enhance their growth, capabilities and services, while enhancing the joint marketing strategy and dynamic of client acquisition for both companies.

Eterly will enhance Deep Wave’s research and development facility by integrating the company’s services with their mobile app and substantial software development resources, as well as additional AI-driven machine learning predictive analytics techniques, helping Deep Wave to optimize its analysis of sleep patterns, and finetune its front-facing offering.

In turn, Deep Wave will empower Eterly’s app and platform with its advanced expertise in SleepTech, which is at the forefront of longevity and personalized health research in the neurotech sector, augmenting Eterly’s own daily monitoring of users’ sleep patterns, resulting in more and better personalised recommendations.

As part of the agreement, Deep Wave will join Eterly’s open marketplace for health, fitness and longevity treatments and products as a trusted vendor.

At PMWC, both companies delivered presentations alongside many other companies, including IBM Health, 23andMe, Calico Labs, Elysium, Stanford Healthcare, and Harvard University. Eterly presented as part of the Aging and Wellness track, and Deep Wave within the Big Data & AI in Precision Medicine track, raising significant interest from attendees.

Among interest from several interested potential partners, Eterly and Deep Wave decided to establish this strategic partnership, recognising the significant synergies between the two companies, notably in terms of research and development, breakthrough technology, data sharing and a shared client base.

DeepWave is working towards correlating the effect of interventions, diet and lifestyle choices and other scientifically relevant data with their nightly sleep EEG data so as to track the effect of lifestyle changes and medical interventions on the quality of sleep. Rather than developing an app internally, the decision was taken to cooperate with an exclusive partner, Eterly, that has already built the back-end and front-end infrastructure they require for these purposes.

Meanwhile, Eterly users will have access to certain premium features offered by DeepWave, and will be able use the Eterly app to track their sleep quality and interface with their DeepWave wearable. DeepWave and Eterly have also agreed to conduct joint marketing campaigns to leverage the public awareness and mounting enthusiasm surrounding each company.

Andrew Ahachinsky, CEO and founder of Eterly, commented that “Sleep is one of the most important aspects of overall health and many people simply aren’t getting enough, whether quality or quantity. That is why we are excited to be partnering with Deep Wave. We are looking forward to adopting their unique and ground-breaking approach to sleep pattern analysis, and sharing the positive benefits; improved memory, focus, and better health; with users of our app and our platform.”

“DeepWave is excited to be partnering with Eterly on the matter of software development and R&D activities. Eterly is filling a vacant need that the public has a strong desire for – namely, a longevity-focused mobile app backed by science and enhanced via AI, and DeepWave is equally happy to be providing Eterly with expert counsel in terms of sleep health and sleep science. Given the deep ties that deep sleep has to longevity and age-related cognitive decline, we feel that we will bringing significant contributions to the sleep recommendations given by Eterly’s app, and hope that this partnership leads to synergistic enhancement of both of our companies’ activities in the years to come” said Giovanni Santostasi, Chief Science Officer of DeepWave Technologies.

About the companies

Eterly is an Artificial Intelligence app designed to reinforce habits for a healthier, and longer life. Combining  proprietary technology, the latest medical research, and machine learning predictive analytics capabilities, accessed via a blockchain back end system, Eterly has been custom built to act like a personal coach, designing and adjusting, in real time, a health and fitness routine mapped to precisely fit every user’s specific needs. The Eterly app dovetails seamlessly with users’ fitness tracker wearable devices, collecting, storing and processing data to make smart, proactive recommendations to maximise the benefit of users everyday healthy lifestyle choices, in an intuitive and interactive way.

Deep Wave Technologies is a neurotechnology start-up funded via government grants and a cooperative agreement with DARPA, focused on enhancing memory and cognition through the process of Slow Wave Sleep (SWS), or “deep sleep” using technology developed by Dr. Giovanni Santostasi and his colleagues. The device uses an EEG system that synchronizes with the user's own brainwaves and employs precisely-timed pulses of a pink noise to increase the amplitude of SWA using sound alone. The proprietary algorithm has been tested on individuals using laboratory-grade EEGs; results showed a 300% increase in the memory-strengthening effects of a natural night of sleep versus a night of natural sleep alone. Research has shown that sounder sleep can significantly reduce the risk of stroke, depression, heart attack, hypertension, obesity and diabetes.